Waterproof Wallpaper Protection

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Wallpapers come in a wide variety of designs and materials, but even the best are prone to water damage. Adding a waterproof sealer can help prevent this. It also makes cleaning the wallpaper easier. The type of sealer used depends on the type of wallpaper. Polyurethane is not recommended as it can discolor or react with some wallpapers and is difficult to remove. Instead, use a decorator’s varnish that is designed to be used on wallpaper. This can be a clear, satin, or plain varnish. This link: Check this out

Traditional paper wallpapers applied with paste are the most prone to water damage, but they can be made waterproof by applying a coat of solid vinyl or decorator’s varnish after they’re installed. This can be done by hand or with a wallpaper roller. The varnish will not change the look of the wallpaper, but it will help keep moisture from penetrating the wallpaper and causing water damage.

Wallpaper Protection for Restaurants

Some washable wallpapers are treated with a protective foil which increases the level of scrub-resistance that they have. However, it is important to note that this will not provide the same protection as standard wallpaper, so it’s still advisable to apply a liquid protective layer after installing wallpaper.

Other ways to help protect wallpaper from fading are to avoid direct sunlight, use natural light bulbs and dimmers, and choose darker colors for the room. It’s also important to properly prep the wall before putting up wallpaper; this means making sure the wall is prepped, primed, clean, and dust-free before installation.


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