Water Soluble Hemp Oil

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water soluble hemp oil

Water soluble hemp oil is a special type of CBD that can be dissolved in water or other liquids to make it easier to consume. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want to take their CBD on the go. Typically, this type of CBD comes in pill form and is made by breaking the oil down into smaller particles that can be easily dispersed in water using high shear mixers or ultrasound homogenizers. This process is also known as microencapsulation.

The key advantage of this type of CBD is that it bypasses the first pass metabolism and enters your bloodstream more easily, which increases the amount of CBD that can be absorbed. This is particularly important because up to 60% of our bodies are composed of water, including our organs and tissues.

Water-Soluble Hemp Oil: Unlocking the Full Potential of Cannabinoids for Enhanced Absorption

This type of CBD is also known as nano CBD because it has been sized down to a very small particle size. This means that less CBD is needed to produce the same effects as conventional oil-based CBD products.

One drawback of this type of CBD is that it usually only contains CBD isolate. Some consumers may prefer full spectrum CBD, which is derived from the entire plant and may contain a blend of other cannabinoids, that helps to provide a more balanced experience. Fortunately, there are now some companies that offer water-soluble full spectrum CBD. This type of CBD is more potent than CBD isolated, but it still allows you to easily add your CBD to a variety of beverages.


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