The Best Pre Spray For Carpet Cleaning

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best pre spray for carpet cleaning

A good best pre spray for carpet cleaning  is one of the most important things to have on hand for any house cleaner. These chemicals can help you fight off spills and stains before they become deep set, as well as help your carpets stay cleaner longer by removing a lot of the excess dirt that collects on the fibers.

Carpet pre-sprays can also be used by professional carpet cleaners to prepare a room for shampooing or as an add-on service. These chemicals can help remove heavy soils, such as soap scum residue and mineral deposits left behind from hard water, as well as help break up oil-based stains before they get too far into the fibers.

Get the Best Results with the Best Pre-Spray for Carpet Cleaning: Our Top Picks

The best carpet pre-spray should be able to work on a variety of stains and smells, and leave your home with a fresh clean scent. In general, the odorless options are better, as they don’t have the strong chemical smell that can linger after the cleaning is done. The Rocco and Roxie Oxy Stain Remover is our top choice for this, as it was able to remove most of the set-in stains we tested, and smelled very pleasant during and after use.

Another option is the Harvard Chemical 2560 Grime Release Pro Carpet Pre-Spray, which is formulated to remove greasy stains and meet EPA guidelines. It is safe to use around pets and kids, and has a mild smell. It uses encapsulation chemistry that surrounds and crystallizes the dirt particles, making them easier to vacuum up afterward.


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