REI Visa Card Benefits

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The REI Co-op Mastercard has a decent earning rate and no foreign transaction fees, making it an enticing option for outdoor enthusiasts. However, it has some downsides, including a high sign-up bonus requirement and a $100 gift card after first purchase requirement.

Does the REI credit card have an annual fee?

Rei visa card benefits is a co-op that’s backed by its members, and it aims to keep outdoor enthusiasts well-equipped with the gear they need for their adventures. The company offers a variety of products and services, including top-quality outdoor gear, equipment rentals, local day trips and international adventure travel. It also sells used gear and has a gear trade-in program.

To qualify for the REI Co-op Mastercard, you must be an REI Co-op member or plan to become one. The card has no annual fee, but you must pay a one-time $30 membership fee to get it.

If you’re considering the REI credit card, make sure you understand its rates, fees and rewards before applying. NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team, which takes into account the card’s rates, fees, rewards and other features.

Generally, if you have a “good” or “fair” credit score (750 or higher), you’ll be approved for most credit cards, including the REI Credit Card. However, approval odds decline significantly if you have a “poor” credit score. In addition, a few other factors can impact your chances of getting a particular credit card, such as your income and expenses, how much debt you carry and more.


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