Playground Rubber Safety Surfacing

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Playground Rubber Safety SurfacingPlayground Rubber Safety Surfacing  is a popular choice for commercial playgrounds. It offers a durable, low-maintenance surface that reduces the risk of life-threatening injuries and can make the entire park more accessible to children with mobility challenges. It is also an excellent ADA-compliant option and has a polished, clean look that can give any commercial playground a fresh look.

Loose-fill surfacing is often used for safety surfacing on playgrounds, including rubber mulch, engineered wood fiber (EWF), sand and pea gravel. While it has low initial costs, loose-fill surfacing needs to be replaced regularly to meet safety and ADA guidelines. It is also prone to scuffing and wearing down in high-traffic areas such as underneath swings, at the bottom of slides and around merry-go-rounds and spinners.

The scuffed surface can also make it difficult for small children to run or walk safely. Tripping hazards are common and can result in serious head injuries.

Rubber Safety Surfacing: Protecting Children One Bounce at a Time

Bonded rubber surfacing is a safer and more attractive alternative to loose-fill surfacing. It consists of clean, shredded recycled rubber bonded together with a polyurethane binding agent and is available in several colors. It is poured on-site and installed at a depth determined by your structure’s design to ensure that it meets critical fall height requirements.

Duraflex poured-in-place rubber surfacing systems are a premium playground safety surface for the modern community. This system consists of two layers, an impact-cushioning base layer and a color EPDM top.


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