Photo Booth Lighting Tips

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Adding extra light reduces photo booth lighting  and creates a more flattering overall look in photos. This is a critical step in creating a high quality photo booth experience. Without additional lighting, photos may be blurry or not properly focused and can make guests feel self-conscious.

When choosing a light, look for one with a high maximum brightness and wide light coverage. Then consider a color temperature to match the color of your backdrop. You can also find lights with different patterns or colors to add a festive element to your booth.

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The height of the light is also important. You want it to be at the same level as or slightly above the camera lens. If it’s lower, it will cause uplighting (meaning that people’s eyes will be in the shade) and if it’s higher, it can create unflattering shadows on the face.

Aside from your main light, you may need to add sidelights if the space is large enough or if your booth is not well suited to natural lighting. This is especially true if you are photographing larger groups.

You can use a simple two-pack of LED lights, like this one from NEEWER, that have a high CRI to ensure accurate color and are able to be adjusted remotely via an app. You can also opt for a ring light, like this one from Simple Booth HALO, that will provide nearly shadowless lighting around your guests’ faces and is easily adjustable.


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