IPQualityScore Reverse Phone Lookup API

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A IPQualityScore reverse phone lookup is a service that lets users trace a caller’s name, address, date of birth and other important personal information using their incoming phone number. The service also allows users to identify which country a call is coming from and provides valuable information that can help individuals take control of their personal safety and security, while protecting themselves against malicious calls from spammers or identity thieves.

Can Truecaller identify a number?

Many reverse phone number lookup services offer free, basic lookups that can provide names and other basic data such as a caller’s email address and home address. However, more comprehensive features that offer a wide range of public records and additional data are usually available for a small fee. These features can be particularly useful for businesses and other organizations that want to conduct background checks on potential employees or customers before entering into new contractual agreements with them.

A good phone validation tool should have a simple search interface that enables users to enter one or more phone numbers and observe the results within seconds. The tool should be able to quickly ping the carrier network and perform a CNAM lookup in order to find the name of the owner of the phone number. In addition, the tool should be able to verify landline, cellular, business and VOIP numbers from multiple fresh data sources.

IPQualityScore’s phone lookup API enables rapid user verification and chargeback defense by performing a CNAM check with the carrier network to determine the current subscriber name for a landline or cellular number. The API combines this data with public records and a real-time HLR lookup to deliver more reliable and accurate information such as country of origin, risk score, carrier,  and line connection status.


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