How to Make a Napkin Basket

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napkin basket

A napkin basket  is an easy and efficient way to keep your table or kitchen counter organized. It can be woven from wood, wrought iron, or another material and can store either folded or unfolded napkins. One iteration, called a napkin dispenser, is commonly used in restaurants, diners, and other public eateries; and its simpler–and more aesthetically pleasing–counterpart, the napkin holder, is more common to households and classrooms.

A napkins basket should fit standard-size cocktail napkins or even full-sized ones. Some also feature center weights to prevent napkins from slipping off and blowing away, like our best rattan pick. This type of basket is especially handy around holiday meals when you might need to stock up on extras, or when you have more guests than usual.

Table Setting Made Easy: Elevate Your Dining Experience with a Napkin Basket

For a simple and functional napkin basket, start with a long piece of 1/4″ Flat Oval Reed (weaver). Soak it for about two minutes in warm water to soften it up, then cut off a 4″ section from each end of the weaver. Taper the ends to make them blend in with the top of the basket’s inside. Next, weave a row of alternating weavers around the bottom of the basket and stop the last weaver behind a stake on the inside’s rim. This will create the rim of your basket. Now, cut a long piece of Round Reed for your rim filler. Soak it for about a minute or two in warm water, then taper both ends to make them match where the outside and rim rim overlap. Secure both the rim and rim filler to the basket with clothespins or twist ties.


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