How to Block Disposable Emails

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block temporary emails

Disposable Email Addresses

A block temporary emails address is an address which is created for a one-time use and discards after a certain period of time. These accounts are also known as throwaway or forwarding accounts and can be used to avoid spam.

Identifying Disposable Email Domains

There are several ways to identify a temporary email address. First, you should check whether the email domain is listed in a disposable email list.

You can find these lists in several places. Some of them are even available free.

These lists are usually updated periodically and can be a great way to spot disposable email addresses quickly and easily. However, you should be careful to search multiple sources of these lists as some may not be the most accurate and up-to-date.

Blocking Disposable Emails

To prevent users from submitting disposable email addresses, you can use online sign-up forms that make use of email validation in real time. You can also set a single opt-in process to ensure that only valid email addresses are submitted.

locking Temporary Emails: How to Prevent Fraudulent Activities on Your Platform with Effective Temporary Email Detection

You could even set a specific email address to be used for sending bounced emails so that they are not mixed with your regular messages. These steps will help you keep your email marketing program clean and safe from potential data breaches.

Finally, you can block disposable email addresses by putting them in your database and using a blacklisting plugin to display an error message to users who try to register with these fake emails. This will significantly reduce the number of spam user registrations on your website.


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