How Music Streaming Website Started

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A question that frequently arises when you talk about music streaming is how it all started. The initial concept of music streaming websites was not really conceived as a commercial money making opportunity for many artists, although it surely has the potential to become one. Many internet users today have become enthusiasts of music and almost everyone seems to have subscribed to at least one online music or radio station. Perhaps the real value of such online subscriptions lies in the fact that they allow you to listen to music and also to share it with as many people as possible. Click Here –

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Before we discuss how music streaming website started, let us first look at how it works. When an individual subscribes to any music streaming website, the website sends a constant stream of new content to his or her computer. This new content is based on a collection of files that are stored in the website’s servers. The individual can thus enjoy high-quality audio files without having to download the files to his or her computer. The process of creating, uploading, and playing online music has thus been simplified.

Unlike the traditional full album music stores, the original concept of online music streaming websites did not offer customers the option to purchase CDs. Consequently, the music offered through such on-demand music streaming apps enabled listeners to download or burn the files to discs so that they can play them on their personal computers. However, because there were still some artists who felt that it was important to give their fans the option to order CDs and listen to them at their convenience, these original websites slowly began offering CD orders alongside their on-demand music streaming programs.


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