CBD Canada Consultations Begin

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Despite the legalization of marijuana in Canada, there are strict rules surrounding the sale of CBD oil. Companies must obtain a government licence to sell Cbd canada available. They can sell their products only within their province, and the products cannot be shipped outside of Canada.

What is negative about CBD?

The Canadian government controls everything from storage to labeling to advertising. It prohibits specific health claims on packaging.

Health Canada is currently reviewing the legislation for marijuana and CBD. The government is also seeking input on regulatory changes for non-prescription CBD products.

The government’s consultations on cannabis and CBD are expected to conclude this summer. Health Canada spokesperson Tammy Jarbeau said appropriate quality standards will be recommended for CBD products.

Hemp CBD products are available in some states that do not allow THC. But there is a limited selection of licensed CBD products. This has prompted Canadians to buy CBD oil from unlicensed sources.

Health Canada has launched a three-year review of the current legislation. The Science Advisory Committee for Health Products Containing Cannabis is expected to release its report in about 2023. The report will contain a series of research-informed recommendations.

Some natural health providers argue that the current regulations prevent Canadian consumers from accessing the benefits of CBD. The government should implement the recommendations to protect consumers.

Health Canada has also begun public consultations on cannabis and CBD. This is in response to the release of the Science Advisory Committee Report. The report is intended to help develop regulations for non-prescription CBD products.


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