BestFlag Table Covers

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BestFlag table covers give your business a professional presence at trade shows, farmers markets or any event where you need a table to promote your products or services. These custom printed covers will add instant branding and a polished look to your display, and they’re also reusable for any future events. Simply create your design using our product templates (downloadable in eps format) to ensure your artwork is properly scaled, positioned and includes the necessary bleed requirements. Printing is done with vibrant, full-color dye sublimation.

BestFlag Table Covers: Setting the Standard for Quality and Durability

A Style Symphony

Choose from a variety of styles to complement your brand and event decor. From flowing drapes to crisp fitted options, each cover offers a different feel that can help you project unwavering professionalism and confidence at every glance.

Stain-resistant finishes are available for most polyester covers, allowing them to withstand inadvertent splashes of coffee, water, food or other liquids at live events. These coatings are applied to the fabric during manufacturing to protect your investment and help keep your booth clean and organized.

Some of the covers offer a zipper or zip-open back for easy access to stored materials or equipment underneath your table. They’re also able to fold flat for easy transport and storage, making them an ideal choice for businesses on the go. These covers also come with a matching table cloth, if you’re looking for additional ways to dress up your display. Choose from a selection of standard sizes for 6ft or 8ft tables and rounded corners that fit the profile of your covered area perfectly.


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